IL HWA Ginex Granules

Ginex is made of 100% pure IL HWA Korean Ginseng extract with no  additives. IL HWA perfected the processing of ginseng for over 30 years  and has created the world's most medicinally effective extract: a hybrid between white and red ginseng. This unique process allows Ginex  Granules to contain more ginsenosides, vitamins, amino acids and  germanium that other ginseng products. It's easy to use, just add water.
Direction for Use:
One packet (1 g), up to  three times a day. Add 1 g packet to one litter of water and shake well. Use less to increase potency. Ginex can be added to any beverage of  choice to increase health and energy.
NET WEIGHT : 30g (1g packet x 30 packets)


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