Ginseng is known as the root of life or root of longevity. It is also known as “The Elixir of Life” or “King of Oriental Herb Medicine.”

It is a plant whose root is its most valuable part. It is hard to be cultivated because it takes 6 years for a matured root to be grown under conditions where temperature does not exceed 75° F, with good air circulation, in humus-rich soil well drained with clean water. Korea’s rich soil and cool climate are the best conditions for ginseng cultivation. Hence, korean ginseng is well-known for its taste, quality and efficacy.

There are three kinds of Korean Ginseng. The White Ginseng – which is being dried under the heat of the sun; Red Ginseng – which is processed by curing the white ginseng root with a mixture of herbs (which usually includes cinnamon and dates); and Soo Sam – which is the raw and undried ginseng.

For thousands of years, Orientals have been using ginseng as a herbal supplement, natural tonic and health food. Today, ginseng is widely demanded all over the world because its efficacy is being proven and rediscovered by modern scientific researches. Unlike synthetic food and drugs which can produce harmful side effects, ginseng relieves the stress and strain of life without any side effects and overdoses. As a herbal of extraordinary efficacy, Ginseng has succesfully maintained its supreme position over other herbal products.